It’s a DIVERGENT mindset

Let's be honest. The vast majority of new ventures focusses on a single technology. They’re about fintech or healthtech, sportstech or cybertech, you name it. And far too often investors lack an ability to look beyond their specific and established niches. Unfortunately, unnecessarily. Here’s something totally different.

A concept, multi-focus and multi-tech, with - obviously - multiple opportunities! One that requires a fresh vision - call it a different, a truly divergent mindset - and the courage to connect the latest multimedia insights with intriguing advances in optical technology.

Welcome to FlyFan

Where fan engagement becomes fan empowerment

“The biggest new ideas are contrarian”

Brand strategist Taruna Kwatra on MEDIUM

FlyFan, a European endeavour with Canadian roots.
Where athletes and artists meet aerospace, artificial intelligence and advertising that’s ahead of its time.
Where smart fans fly with their fingers over ultra-HD Full 360° streaming video.
Where visionary investors revolutionise the streaming sports and concert entertainment industry.
Where advanced technology blends with innovative marketing in a single concept.

No, we haven’t lost our marbles. Ours are mega-marbles, lighting up the skies.

It’s such an eye-catching, colourful, mind-blowing, basically revolutionary concept.

Design a drone that no one has ever flown before over any game or concert. Sports and music fans - knowing all too well that nothing beats being there - will have the thrill they never had before. At home!

If you agree that the current global “streaming race” creates extraordinary opportunities, you're invited to discover FlyFan. The amazing ultra-HD full 360˚ video sports and music events streaming framework. A production tool, a creation tool and a fan experience enhancement tool that no one has ever seen before.

The tool that will boost traditional fan engagement to the next level: full-blown, fan empowerment.

Integrating seven technologies in our cutting-edge framework

* Exclusive Patentable AI Drone with unmatched safety features

* Enhanced 4K Full 360˚ streaming video

* OWNcontrol™ + TJET™

* iOS & Android Apps

* Phones, Flat-Screens, VR

* All Sports and Concerts

* Contextual Advertising - GDRP EU+ compliant - Inspired by the general public’s desire for extended privacy

* Significant (mental) e-health advantages

More fan - more fun - more fitness

Get Our Drone On Your Phone™

FlyFan is the multi-layered sports and concerts 360° live streaming production tool for the next decade. It is a total “active involvement” concept, radically different from any current passive sports-TV and concerts home-viewing approach.

Drone A Game To Own A Game™

The FlyFan framework integrates full 360° video, artificial intelligence, interplanetary aerospace technology, stellar safety, high-impact in-venue experiences and future-proof, privacy safeguarding marketing solutions with gaming and gambling.

The Best Seat Is In The Air™

In a similar way as in an arena, in a single fluent, uninterrupted motion, the iOS and Android mobile apps will empower fans to actively “OWNcontrol” their experience of the game or concert at home, on their connected devices, flat-screens or virtual reality headsets, by allowing them to freely choose and look wherever they like.

The “more fan - more fun” nature of the FlyFan app contributes to a healthy mind and encourages users to do regular fitness exercises themselves.

An international (ad)venture

FlyFan was initially developed by Flaight, a smart media startup in Canada. Today its activities have been transferred to FlyFan Europe i.o. in Belgium. Both entities are the brainchild of a 76-year-old Dutch global media professional.

The proprietary drone is designed by a leading German drone designer.

Build upon success

The FlyFan framework originates out of the world’s first - and successful - live DVB-T test transmission to mobile devices in a sports arena, the King Baudouin stadium (filled to its 50,000+ seat capacity) in Brussels.

The test (see the above single frame from a video as Usain Bolt is winning the Men’s 100m) took place in September 2011 with the support of the Belgian Public TV network VRT/Sporza, the organizer of the Diamond Games/van Damme Memorial, Elgato and a Flemish angel investor.

At home or on the go, with family or friends, in your living room or wherever you enjoy yourself, the question is as simple as it is exciting.

Will you follow your favorite games or concerts in the traditional way from the sideline, from a distance and thereby remain a SPECTATOR, a BYSTANDER?

Or will you watch them in full 360 ̊from very close, on top of the action and become an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT, an INSIDER?